Posted by Minioid Team on Jun 11, 2013

Student project Further is now available online. The game is made in "Begining game developement" course at Turku University of Applied Sciences by five students. It was released last winter but now there is also in-browser version available.

The game is puzzle platformer game with retro graphics. The goal is to pass different puzzles using levers, doors, keys and items. There are 9 items to be found and each of them has unique abilities. The game currently has over 20 levels and small how-to-play tutorial chapter.
So why not try it right away?! Click here to play it or Download it!

Mineral Valley

Posted by Minioid Team on Jul 21, 2012

Our second project is now published in Google Play. Click here to check it out in Google Play!

Vindicator is out

Posted by Minioid Team on May 9, 2012

Our first project is now published in Google Play. Click here to check it out in Google Play!

Technology improvements

Posted by Minioid Team on February 22, 2012

Space shooter project, Vindicator, has taken again more steps to be a final product. It's running on our own shooter engine which is powered by libGDX. Graphics are rendered via OpenGL1.1ES so game is running very smoothly even with thousands of particles. Our framework also has device independence coordinate system which means that all graphics and inputs fit for any device so game will run on every resolution. The core game engine is almost completed for now and we can soon continue with additional features and game contens.

The biggest change since last version is upgrade system. Spaceship can be upgraded via "spacetech" where you can spend technology points for various upgrades. There are five different things to upgrade and couple of levels on each. Technology points are earned when collecting broken parts of enemies which have been destroyed. Player can also collect other different power-ups like hyperwarp which throws player to hyperspace making travelling faster or energy barrage which gives player a shield which is crushing enemies when they hit it.

Vindicator is starting up its engines!

Posted by Minioid Team on February 1, 2012

A new project, The Vindicator, is a space parallax scroller game. It's going to be a remake of older version of our game which was published more than year ago. The idea is same: destroy as much enemies you can using different cannons, power-ups and missiles. So why make old game again? Old version of game was only for desktop. Now game will be released for android. In addition, we will focus more to gameplay. In older version of the game were only few methods to destroy enemies and get scores. Now we are about to add more interesting gameplay styles like combo scores and so on.