Why contact us?

In case you want to contact us, feel free to send e-mail to contact@minioid.com. There might be many various reasons why you want to contact our studio. We have listed a few cases here.


Are you a developer or do you just want more visibility? If you are interested in showing your website URL, logo, or company name, you can make a deal with us. We will show your logo or text at partners page of our website and as partners you agree to show our logo or URL at your content. That's how both will get more visibility. If you are developer and already have project team, we can make a co-development agreement. Minioid Studio can provide you certain services for your game like graphics or programming aid. Depending on project, we can make different deals just for both needs. Check our current partners at here.


If you are interested in working with us, check out our available careers at sidebar. In case you have something to ask, contact us via e-mail.