What is minioid?

It is simply a game making studio which is producing mainly mobile and desktop games. Minioid was created to rise our old team to a new level. Creating own studio was an idea to rise the rate of success. Often team projects will fail because of inactivity, lack of information and unsubstantial project managment. Minioid is trying to offer better and clear team managment to complete goals which are simply too big for private developers or have been failed because of bad team activity. In addition, creating a "brand" gives our studio more potency to grow up unlike a nameless team.

How projects are managed?

Project teams can be unique and are not depending on other projects. Only the managment and core members comes from our own studio. So it depends on project, how much we need developers to work with it. Before we gather a team for a new project we need an idea. Project idea can come from our studio or it can come outside as well. Before we start to create our idea there will be a development progress where the game technical part and tasks of different developers are well desinged. After good desing we will easily gather right members for certain tasks.